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Share a Part of Your Space

To Get Out of the Rat Race

With Your Primary House.

Learn how to Generate Passive Income to Attain Financial Freedom


What is House Hacking?

Who does it Work  For?

Cut Costs

Cut your mortgage payment by half or more.  You can even get paid to live in your house.

Stay Flexible

Relocating to another city?  Want a bigger or smaller living space?  Want to sell?  Not a problem.

 Grow Wealth

Use Other People's Money (OPM) to build equity, Earn Passive Income so you can be Financially Free


SLC Real Estate was amazingly great. We were able to purchase our 1st home and cut our mortgage payment in half. Michele taught us how to rent out one of our rooms so we can have extra cash each month. We would have never knew this was possible and grateful for all of her help!

- Brad & Lisa McGuire

I met Michele through CrossFit and never knew she was a Real Estate Consultant. It was great seeing the other side of her outside the gym. Super friendly and super dedicated. She found the perfect home for me and killed it when the sellers came back with objections. So glad I used her.

- Sonya P.

We sold our home with SLC Real Estate and was impressed how fast it went. We really loved the fact that Michele kept us in the loop every step of the way and really helped the sale of our home move smoothly.  Sadly, we moved out of Utah, but if we were ever to come she’d be the first person we call.

- The McAllisters


House Hacking Homegirl

Creator of the House Hacking Homegirl, SLC Real Estate passionately shares life changing house hacks so people can have the financial freedom to do what they want, when they want.

Founder of Mindset Mondays on YouTube channel, SLC Real Estate shares inspirational golden nuggets that helps strenghten and unlock the power of your mindset to be the creator of your success.

Mindset Mondays

Facilitator of Cashflow 101 board game by Robert Kiyosaki, SLC Real Estate teaches and simulates important investing, accounting and finance that can be applied to real life situations. 

Utah Rent to Own Homes

Owner of Utah Rent to Own Homes, SLC Real Estate partners with Home Partners of America to help families and professionals attain their goal of homeownership through lease to own opportunities 



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